About the Workshop



The continuing trend of exponential traffic growths in the Internet and broadband access is driving the need for a cost-effective and scalable switching and access technology. In particular, the rapid convergence of data and media stream and diverse service applications are driving the network evolutions. It is clearly beneficial to switch and route optical packets, bursts, and circuits in all-optical form.

The International Workshop (IWOO) has originally been focusing on Optical Packet Switching (OPS) and Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA). In IWOO2013 its technical scope has been renewed and widened to optical signal processing and optical switching technologies.

This is the 15th workshop of the issues. The previous workshops were held in Beijing (2006), Tokyo (2007), Shanghai (2008), Tokyo (2009), Chengdu (2010), Okinawa (2011), Hong Kong (2012), Edinburgh, UK (2013), Osaka (2014), Beijing (2015), Sapporo (2016), Guilin (2017), Yamanashi (2018), Hainan (2019) and Online (2020). The workshop includes a number of keynote/invited talks by distinguished researchers from well-known universities and research institutes.

IWOO2021 was scheduled to be held in Fukuoka, Japan. However, to prevent the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus and secure the safety of participants, IWOO committee decided that the workshop in Fukuoka would be postponed to next year (IWOO2022) and IWOO2021 would be held as one-day online-workshop.

Information on the workshop held
Year Country City
10th 2015 China Beijing
11th 2016 Japan Sapporo
12th 2017 China Guilin
13th 2018 Japan Yamanashi
14th 2019 China Haikou
15th 2020 Japan/China On-line
16th 2021 China/Japan On-line